As an actor, David has enjoyed a varied career performing Shakespeare, Restoration comedy, contemporary drama and spectacle theatre. Click here for his reel.

Mr. Engel also has over 30 commercial, film and television credits including Law & Order, Gossip Girl, The Untouchables, Early Edition and Missing PersonsDavid is also an accomplished theatrical fight director (35 productions), and is a member of Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actor’s Guild.  Alumna of Columbia College, Chicago (’89), the Piven Theater Workshop, and Shakespeare and Company.

David also loves the sea and sailing. Click here for videos of the two wooden sailboats he has owned with his best friend: Innisfreea 1980 Crocker Stonehorse and Tang, a 1915 Crosby Catboat. 

  • “Engel exhibited his richly nuanced understanding of Shakespeare…”

    Lucia Mauro, Performink, Chicago, IL

  • “Engel…makes the bloodthirsty king (Macbeth) as pathetic as he is volatile and terrifying.”

    Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer, Memphis, TN

  • “…Breathlessly played by David Engel as a kind of bookish Groucho Marx.”

    Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune Chief Critic

  • “…Played with death-tinged comic brilliance by David Engel.”

    Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

  • “David is one of the most talented actors with whom I have ever had the pleasure and challenge to work with…. His work never lacks for creativity and he is tireless in his pursuit of excellence…”

    Warner Crocker, Freelance Director, Chicago, IL

  • “…Played with wicked intelligence by David Engel.”

    Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

  • “Engel…is more comically than seriously indignant.. His humor is goofy but it works…adding an element of post-modern burlesque.”

    Bruce Weber, New York Times, NYC

  • “David Engel is one of the best performers I have shared a stage with.  He’s a consummate performer, meticulous and fiercely focused on excellence.“

    Adrian Danzig, Producing Artistic Director, 500 Clown, Chicago, IL

  • “Of all actors I have directed, David is one of the most successful at his ability to marry his thought and feeling processes…”

    Peter Forster, Director, Agent & Professor of Drama, De Paul University, Chicago

  • "David Engel, in a bravura performance as Valere, not only keeps up the steam in that incredible first-act monologue but also manages to suggest, throughout his constantly inventive portrayal of egocentric hamminess, a kind of 17th Century Robin Williams on the loose. Bravo to him.”

    Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune Chief Critic

  • “Engel, an actor of tremendous physical and verbal gifts, carries it off effortlessly, bringing both meaning and masquerade to every word.”

    Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times Chief Critic

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New York:
Titus in Titus Andronicus (pictured here), Gotham Shakes/SoHo Rep, NYC; The Count in The Marriage of Figaro, Target Margin (Off-Broadway); Hunchback co-produced with Chicago’s Steppenwolf & Redmoon Theaters for the Henson Festival @ Public Theater, NYC.

Macbeth in Macbeth (pictured here), Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN; Moonlight and Magnolia’s, Opus, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, OH; A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Maryland Stage @ CenterStage, Baltimore; Valere in La Bete, and Stonewall Jackson’s House, Wayside Theater, VA; Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac, Athos in The Three Musketeers, B.F.B Tours, Miami, FL.

Hysteria (directed by John Malkovich) and Charles Lang in The Water Engine, both for Steppenwolf Theater. The title role of Hamlet, Andrew Rally in I Hate Hamlet, Valere in La Bete, plus The Recruiting Officer, Our Country’s Good, The Custom of the Country, for Buffalo Theater Ensemble; multiple roles with Redmoon Theater productions of Moby-Dick, Frankie and Johnny, Hunchback, and the multi-award winning Plan B productions of Pentecost and The Kentucky Cycle.

(Headshot photo: Paul Sherman)