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Head Shot

David Engel is both a classically trained actor and a full-time variety entertainer with over 20 years of performance experience.

During his career, David has had the pleasure of playing on stages across America and throughout the streets of Europe. As a highly versatile actor, David is able to inhabit a wide range of roles from blue collar to white collar to ruffled collar.

Mr. Engel has performed such roles as Hamlet, Macbeth and Cyrano de Bergerac and has over 30 television, commercial and film credits. Additionally, as an award-winning Fight Director, David has staged swashbuckling mayhem and slapstick madness since 1989.

He is also a clown. Seriously. Part Jerry Lewis and part Daffy Duck with a pinch of Jim Carrey and a dash of Buster Keaton. Each year his clown characters entertain thousands of kids and their families at birthdays, block parties and festivals. Adults are equally engaged by David’s stylish Human Statues, Bumbling Waiter character and other high visibility offerings at trade shows, weddings and galas.

Performing as a "Clown Doctor” with The Big Apple Circus’ famed Clown Care Unit, David brings silliness and sanity to pediatric hospitals around New York. Be sure to visit David’s Stuff section where you’ll find a gallery of David's favorite sketches, photos of formative times, adventures and inspirational writings.

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